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Tracking the Economic Geography of Commodities: Avocados, beef, and wood - Joshua Newell (Ann Arbor)

|   Module 3: Trade and Institutions

Joshua Newell (U Michigan, Ann Arbor), visiting fellow at the ScienceCampus, will give a talk on 3 May, 14:00, as part of the IOS Economics Seminar series. The event is to take place in person at CITAS (UR, SG.214) and via Zoom.

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Lecture Series - Jean-Marc Moura (Paris-Nanterre/ Science Campus) | Francophone literatures as migrant literature : Between a postcolonial and a global history of literature

ScienceCapmus visiting professor Jean-Marc Moura, will give a talk in the lecture series on migrant literautres and their relations to postcoloniality and globality. 2 May, 18:15, in H19 (UR Sammelgebäude)

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