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Doctoral Workshop with Anne Brüske: Decolonizing Space and Knowledge. Theories, Concepts and Approaches in Cultural Studies

| Doctoral Program

Register by 6 April at graduiertenschule@ur.de.

When? July 5-6, 2021

Where? Online

Register by 6 April 2021 at graduiertenschule@ur.de

This workshop for PhD candidates will introduce the participants to concepts of space and knowledge in anti-, post- and decolonial thought.

Exploring spaces of knowledge, such as the Black Atlantic, and knowledge of spaces, e.g. of the Balkans, we will especially focus on the interrelation of both from a large postcolonial and intersectional perspective. Key questions are: How do knowledge and knowledge circulation contribute to shape material, social, and imaginative space(s) in colonial and postcolonial contexts? How does the spatial materiality of colonization condition knowledge production by hegemonic and subaltern subjects? What kind of strategies can contribute to decolonize space and knowledge production?

Going beyond theory, the workshop is also interested in how different strands of Cultural Studies approach the interrelation between space and knowledge. Moreover, it asks how we can translate theoretical considerations into concrete research designs without reproducing colonial and intersectional power relations and their blindfolds. Thusly, the workshop consists of two parts: the critical discussion of selected pieces of theory and the adaptation of theory to your own research context.

As a workshop on theories and approaches, the class is organized according to the following objectives:

  1. To give you an enhanced training in different strands of post- and decolonial theory, their concepts of space, and their blindfolds.
  2. To reflect upon case studies from the field of Cultural Studies and to reconsider the relation of space, knowledge, colonial and intersectional power relations in your own research.
  3. To develop adequate methodological approaches in accordance with your primary research material (fictional and non-fictional texts, media, interviews) and with the (trans)areal contexts you study.


  1. Brief outline of dissertation or publication project (1 page max.)
  2. Reflection on how colonialism, knowledge, and space play a role for your project (if applies, 1/2 page). Both texts are to be handed in before June 5.
  3. Thorough reading of the basic texts available on the GRIPS platform.