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Graduate Conference: Unbuilding Binaries

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The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies at the University of Regensburg is holding its first Graduate Workshop, titled "Unbuilding Binaries: Exploring Affective and Analytical Responses to Binary Divisions as Encountered in the Field," on 26 - 27 November 2020. The event was organized in cooperation with the ScienceCampus.

The conference is dedicated to the unbuilding of persisting binaries in fieldwork and archival research with a particular focus on the affective relationships of the researcher with the field. Interested participants can register for the conference until 20 November 2020. Send an e-mail to gsoses.conference@ur.de to receive access details for this online event.


The program can be downloaded here.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Opening Remarks / Introduction of the Participants

1. Confronting Binaries in Historical Research

Moderation: Frederik Lange (Regensburg)
Shuyang Song (Beijing) | Overcoming Binary Representations of the GDR: A Case Study of the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig
Daniela Mathuber (Regensburg) | Identifying a Member of the Dynasty in Early Modern Russia

2. Overcoming Identity Boxes

Moderation: Daniela Mathuber (Regensburg)
Lucy Spoliar (Groningen) | Humour and the De/Re-Construction of Binaries? A Reflection on Representations of Muslim Women in British Comedy
Fernando Alejandro Remache-Vinueza (Madrid) | The Binary Aspects of National Identity: The Case of Lithuania

3. Artistic Interventions

Moderation: Eva-Maria Walther (Regensburg)
Ira Konyukhova (Kyiv) and Daria Prydybailo (Berlin) | Healing Anti-Capitalistic Mantra which Helps You Welcome Your Hysterical (Non)White Self
Vita Zelenska (Regensburg) | Political Agency of Sonic Binaries

Friday, 27 November 2020

Director’s Greeting: Ulf Brunnbauer – Speaker of the GS OSES Regensburg

4. Spatiotemporal Juxtapositions

Moderation: Drivalda Delia (Regensburg)
Irina Shirobokova (St. Petersburg) | Dealing with Duplicitous Dichotomies of Uneven Development
Priyanka Hutschenreiter (London) | Thinking about Class and Religiosity through Spacetime
Katerina Ivanova (Halle/Saale) | (Un)Building the Berlin Wall: Thinking about Eastern Germany with and beyond the Binaries

Helena Tužinská
(Bratislava) | In the Polarized Field: Questions of Navigation

5. Autoethnography and Situatedness of Knowledge Production

Moderation: Vita Zelenska (Regensburg)
Selbi Durdiyeva (Ulster) | Theorizing Binaries through Autoethnography, Self-Reflection and Positionality
Thieu-Dang Nguyen (Aberdeen) | In Vienna Reflecting on Authoritarianism and Organic Intellectual: An Overseas Vietnamese Scholar’s Autoethnography
Sasha Shestakova (Bochum) | Where Do I Speak from, Exactly?

Closing Remarks and Discussion