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Guest Lecture in Stuttgart | Jeannette Jones “I Can’t Breathe”: Gender, Sexuality, Nation and #BLM

This event takes place in Stuttgart at the James F. Byrnes German-American Center (DAZ) at 19:00 on 19 July. Please follow the link below and register by 18 July.

ScienceCampus visiting professor Jeannette Jones will be giving a guest lecture with Q&A in Stuttgart on 19 July. Titled “I Can’t Breathe”: Gender, Sexuality, Nation and #BLM, it is being held on the occasion of 10 years Black Lives Matter.

In her talk, Prof. Dr. Jones will reflect on the 10-year history of the Black Lives Matter Movement through the lenses of gender, class, and nation. Specifically, it discusses the ways in which BLM—begun by three cis-gender Black women in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the vigilante killing of Trayvon Martin – “from the start” included an expansive, complex political and social justice agenda that addresses reproductive justice, LGBTQ lives, policing, economic justice, heath care, etc.

Find out more about the talk and the activities of our friends at DAZ in Stuttgart by following this link. There you can also find details of how to register for the event.