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Special Relations Revisited: Europa und die USA seit dem 19. Jahrhundert (Lecture Series)

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Together with the Center for International and Transnational Area Studies (CITAS), the ScienceCampus is organizing a lecture series titled "Special Relations Revisited: Europa und die USA seit dem 19. Jahrhundert" for the winter semester 2020/21. Researchers from Regensburg, as well as national and international guests, will explore European-American relations and transformations since the nineteenth century.

"Special Relations Revisited: Europa und die USA seit dem 19. Jahrhundert" will examine European-American entanglements in topics such as foreign affairs and security policy, diplomacy and migration policy, and more. Moving in a mostly chronological order, the lecture series will shed light on two centuries of transatlantic connections and cover a variety of issues and fields such as popular culture, the fight against slavery, and European migration to the US.

An interdisciplinary group of scholars from the University of Regensburg and the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) will be joined by renowned researchers from German and international institutions.

The lecture series takes place on Mondays, from 18:15-19:45, beginning on 2 November 2020. It is open to the public, staff and students. All lectures will be held online via Zoom (https://uni-regensburg.zoom.us/j/85892790976, Meeting ID: 858 9279 0976).

The working program of lectures as well as additional information about the lecture series can be found here.