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ScienceCampus Welcomes Visiting Researchers - June 2023

The ScienceCampus is delighted to welcome several visiting researchers to Regensburg this summer semester.

Claudia Sadowski-Smith (Arizona) is spending June 2023 in Regensburg, completing her visiting professorship that she began in summer semester 2022. During this part of her stay, she will be open to consultations on her specialist areas including migration, literature and climate change. Her contribution to the ScienceCampus online lecture series with the vhb can be found here. There will be a meet and greet session with her on 29 June at 12:15 in room 214 (Sammelgebäude).

Claudia Sadowski-Smith joins Jeannette Jones as a ScienceCampus visiting professor, with both based at the Regensburg European-American Forum (REAF). Jeannette Jones, Professor of History and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, arrived in May and will be here until the end of July.

Alongside the visiting professorship programme, the ScienceCampus also offers a visiting fellowship programme in collaboration with international partner institutions across Europe and the Americas. This month we are delighted to welcome three visiting fellowship holders. Colleagues from UR and IOS are welcome to enquire with the ScienceCampus about opportunities to take up fellowships at our partner institutions from autumn 2023.

Jason Wittenberg, Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, joins us for one month to develop his project on historical legacies and their political impact. He is an expert on Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space, employing methods including quantitative analysis and electoral analysis to explore intersections of religion, ethnic conflict and political change. During his time in Regensburg, apart from being open to consultations and discussing collaborations with Berkeley, he will give a talk as part of the Research Colloquium series at 14:15 on 15 June in Room 017 at the Altes Finanzamt (Landshuter Str. 4) on Logics of Historical Persistence.

Edison Neira Palacio, Professor at the Department of Linguistics and Literature, at Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia joins the ScienceCampus this June and will be collaborating with the Forschungszentrum Spanien (CEH) based at UR’s Romance Studies Institute. His expertise covers sociology, literary studies, digital humanities and teaching Spanish and German as foreign languages. During his stay, he is open to consultations and will also give a Brownbag talk on 21 June (12:15) in room SG.214 (DIMAS).

César Díaz-Carrera, Tenured Professor of Political Science at Complutense University of Madrid, joins the ScienceCampus for June and July 2023. He will also be collaborating with the Forschungszentrum Spanien (CEH). On 28 June at 12:15 (Room PT 3.0.76) he will give a talk: Food for Thought: How the “hard sciences” can assist social sciences to stay right on course while becoming useful change agents. He will demonstrate his multidisciplinary competences, spanning management and leadership studies, political science and literature. He is open to consultations on his fields of expertise.