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Visiting Professor | Welcome Jeannette E. Jones

Prof. Jeannette Jones will be joining us in Regensburg for summer semester 2023.

The ScienceCampus together with our partners at REAF would like to welcome Prof. Jeannette E. Jones to Regensburg as a visiting professor in summer semester 2023. In a Meet & Greet session on 3 May (14:15) organized with REAF and our partners at seeFField, you can learn more about her research, life and work in Nebraska and beyond.

Jeannette Eileen Jones is the Carl A. Happold Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a historian of the United States, with expertise in American cultural and intellectual history, African American Studies, Pre-colonial African history, and digital humanities. She is the author of In Search of Brightest Africa: Reimagining the Dark Continent in American Culture, 1884-1936 (Athens, Georgia: The University of Georgia Press, 2010). She is currently working on her second monograph, America in Africa: U.S. Empire, Race, and the African Question, 1821-1919, which is under advanced contract with Yale University Press. She is Co-PI on the digital project To Enter Africa from America: The United States, Africa, and the New Imperialism, 1862-1919 and Co-PI the Mellon Foundation funded project The US Law and Race Initiative.

During her time in Regensburg, she will be associated with the ScienceCampus and our partners at the Regensburg European-American Forum REAF at UR. She will be teaching a seminar on Transatlantic Slavery and Abolition.