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Online Lecture Series: European-American Entanglements in the Modern World

The full set of units for the interactive lecture series European-American Entanglements in the Modern World is available here via the vhb - Bavarian Virtual University. The videos feature both English and German subtitles, with the learning activities currently only available in German.

The series is hosted at the virtuelle hochschule bayerns (vhb)/ Bavarian virtual university, and was produced in collaboration with the Centre for University and Academic Teaching (ZHW) at UR.The project was coordinated at the ScienceCampus by Judith Steinmetz who has as a research assistant did an incredibly professional job in getting this project online. We would like to thank everyone, including visiting professors of the ScienceCampus, who have contributed videos, Claudia Sadowski-Smith, Jean Marc Moura, Anna Mazurkiewicz, Campus doctoral researchers Jon Matlack and Thalia Prokopiou, and colleagues from IOS and UR: Ulf Brunnbauer, Gerlinde Groitl Mathias Häußler, and Dagmar Schmelzer, who have contributed to  series. The preview includes an introduction by Paul Vickers and Judith Steinmetz, too.

The themes covered include current and historical migration, environmental issues, Cold War history and its political legacies, Québec's independence movement and postcolonial linguistic and literary entanglements of the Francophone world, and the transatlantic circulations of popular culture.

The aim of the course is to provide insights into empirical area studies research and diverse methods. The units can be used by students, the public, or as part of blended learning by university teachers and lecturers. The materials should be accessible to all, likewise outside Bavaria. The materials are currently available on the OER format, as part of the ScienceCampus' commitment to Open Science. In Winter Semester 2023/24, we will also provide the materials within the vhb Smart format, enabling their incorporation into Bavarian higher education institutions' curricula.