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We have recently completed a round of applications for the outgoing fellowships. A new call for applications will be issued in 2023.

The outgoing fellowship programme of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Europe and America is open to professors, faculty members (PD/ Akad. Rätin/Rat, etc.) and postdoctoral researchers at UR and IOS. The fellowship scheme is not open to doctoral researchers or students.

You will need to submit a CV and a short statement, explaining why you would like to visit a particular partner institution. You should demonstrate the relevance for your own research and the strategic development of the ScienceCampus, including its central research themes. If there are particular colleagues or centres you would like to collaborate with or particularly relevant archival or library collections, or opportunities to conduct fieldwork, at the location you wish to visit, please mention this in your statement.

Selected fellows will be expected to represent the Leibniz ScienceCampus together with UR or IOS while at the partner institution, contributing to the strengthening of Regensburg’s international research network. If requested by the partner institution, you should contribute actively to the activities there. Upon your return, you should also make a contribution to the ScienceCampus’ blog-journal Frictions.

The Leibniz ScienceCampus can contribute to travel costs, accommodation and fees related to the fellowship. It may not always be able to cover all costs incurred as part of the fellowship. A daily allowance (Tagessatz) will not be awarded. The fellowships are treated as work-related trips (Dienstreisen) and should be approved, if relevant, by your superior.

The applications will be reviewed by the Board and Management of the ScienceCampus. There are a limited number of places available at each institution, thus alternative destinations might be suggested.

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