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Lecture Series

The ScienceCampus was delighted to have collaborated with CITAS in organizing the lecture series “Special Relations Revisited” in winter semester 2020/21. We would like to thank all our speakers, who joined us virtually from around the world, Germany and across the ScienceCampus’ partner institutions in Regensburg.

We will be supporting another lecture series in summer semester 2021. Anne Brüske (UR acting professor for Spatial Dimensions of Cultural Processes) and Joanna Moszczyńska (postdoc at CITAS, UR) are coordinating the series Rethinking Area Studies and Space from the Global South | Area Studies und Raum vom Globalen Süden her neu denken.

It will take place Thursdays from 18:15 to 19:45 with speakers from Regensburg and around the world. We will announce the programme here shortly.

Past Events

The lecture series "Special Relations Revisited" examined European-American entanglements in topics such as foreign affairs and security policy, diplomacy and migration policy, and more. Moving in a mostly chronological order, the talks shed light on two centuries of transatlantic connections and covered a variety of issues and fields such as popular culture, the fight against slavery, and European migration to the US.

An interdisciplinary group of scholars from the University of Regensburg and the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) was joined by renowned researchers from German and international institutions. This event was organized in collaboration with CITAS.

2 November | Hedwig Richter (Bundeswehr Uni, München)
Demokratiegeschichte als nationale Erzählung und transnationaler Prozess. Frankreich, die USA und Deutschland im 19. Jahrhundert

9 November | Ulf Brunnbauer
Amerika-Auswanderung und (ost)europäische „Diasporen” vor dem 1. Weltkrieg

16 November | Volker Depkat
Amerikanische Demokratie als politisches Ordnungsmodell von 1789 bis 1848/49

23 November | Pia Wiegmink
The 'Freedom-Loving German' in America: Negotiating Gender, Antislavery and Immigration in 19th Century German American Women’s Literature

30 November | Dagmar Schmelzer
L'Autre Amérique. Die europäische Wahrnehmung Québecs und des quebecer Separatismus als Alternative zu US-Amerika

7 December | Friederike Kind-Kovács (TU Dresden)
Cotton, Shoes and Milk Powder: Transatlantic Child Relief in post-World War I Central Europe

14 December | Mathias Häußler
Wie amerikanisch war Elvis? Die Entstehung einer transatlantischen Popkultur im Kalten Krieg

11 January | Klaus Buchenau
Ex occidente lux(us). Religiöse Impulse aus den USA im östlichen Europa des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts

18 January | Katharina Gerund (FAU Erlangen)
Unofficial Ambassadors? Military Spouses in the Transatlantic World

25 January | Gerlinde Groitl
Vom amerikanischen Frieden zum Rosenkrieg? Die sicherheitspolitische Beziehungskrise zwischen Europa und den USA

1 February | Marlene Laruelle (George Washington University)
Looking at post-Soviet Eurasia from Europe and the US: Divergences of perspectives and shared visions

8 February | Abschlussdiskussion / Concluding Panel Discussion
Europa und Amerika 2021 - wohin?
Mit Beiträgen von Prof. Dr. Lora Anne Viola (JFK Institute, Berlin) und Dr. Jana Puglierin (European Council on Foreign Relations - ECFR, Berlin)
Chair: Dr. Gerlinde Groitl (UR)

15 February | Exam