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Lecture Series | 24 April, 16:15 | Tiago Fensterseifer (São Paulo) Climate Change Litigation in Brazil

Where? H14, Universität Regensburg

When? Monday, 24 April 2023, 16:15-17:45

The lecture will address current climate litigation action in Brazil as well as the recent political change and the new opportunities that come with it. In a recent decision the Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF, Supreme Court of Brazil) declared the Paris Agreement a human rights treaty.

Tiago Fensterseifer is Public Defender of the State of São Paulo. He holds a PhD in Public Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and has been post-doctoral researcher at the Max-Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy in Munich.

This talk forms part of the lecture series Climate Change: Action and Law in the Global South and Beyond the West organized by Prof. Dr. Rike Krämer-Hoppe (DIMAS/Law) with Dr. Paul Vickers (DIMAS/ScienceCampus). Find the full programme here.