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Igor Stipić

Project: The State and its Students: Hegemonic Structures, Subaltern Pedagogies, and Fractured Community in Bosnia and Chile


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ger Duijzings

Igor Stipić holds an MA in Political and Social Studies from the University of Alberto Hurtado in Santiago de Chile and another MA in Political Economy from the University of Economics in Prague. After finishing his master’s studies, Igor worked for four years as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Köszeg (iASK), where he also lectured on the International Studies MA program at the University of Pannonia (Hungary). Currently, Mr. Stipić is a doctoral candidate in Sociology and Political Anthropology at the University of Regensburg and Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS).

His doctoral research project is titled The State and its Students: Hegemonic structures, subaltern pedagogies and fractured community in Bosnia and Chile. It adopts an ethnographic approach to studying anti-hegemonic high-school social movements in the two societies, while also making both subaltern and critical theory-based contributions for studying social formations known as nation-states. In his work Igor engages with interdisciplinary approaches, combining insights from the fields of sociology, anthropology, and critical theory.  His research focuses on South East Europe and South America.


Stipić, I. (2022). Whose is Herceg Kosača?: Populist memory politics of constructing the ‘historical people’ in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Jensen, J. (Ed.). Memory and Populist Politics in Southeastern Europe (upcoming). New York: Routledge.

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Stipić, I. (2018). Constructing the People: Citizen Populism against ethnic hegemony in Bosnia and Herzegovina in light of 2013-2014 protests. Civil societies and social movements in the changing democracies of Central and Eastern Europe ,: 90-110.

Stipić, I. (2017). La autonomía cambiante en los tiempos de PT: Explicando la subida y la caída del Gigante Sudamericano. (Changing Autonomy in times of PT: Explaining the rise and fall of the Southern Giant). Encrucijada Americana 9, 9-31.

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